Femino 2.0, theatre performance, pre-release presentation

Kana Theatre + online transmission

Femino 2.0

t.kanka group 

theatre performance, pre-release presentation 

Kana Theatre + online transmission


The performance combines a storm and a hot summer, a thorn with a lily flower, strength with sensitivity, eternal mystery of the universe and a great riddle - because it is a tale of femininity. It is the result of a creative dialogue between young women, suspended in reality which is, on the one hand, firmly progressive, and on the other – still underpinned by stereotype. In a society of universal education and equally universal ignorance. In the space of identity-related tensions, painful memories, and philosophical doubts. What is femininity, does it define me, how do I deal with it, are femininity and masculinity similar to each other and is the gender perspective justified at all in the process of thinking about a human being? FEMINO 2.0 is an attempt to respond to oneself and one’s body as a certain social construct, to familiarize with feminism and shed light on the figures of women who have never come out of the darkness of oblivion, but also to build a positive, distanced atmosphere on the basis of absurdity. This is not a story about female aggressors hiding behind the word “feminist”. This is not a remake of Seksmisja. This is not a sequel of Wonderwoman. This is a story about us. About our mothers, grandmothers, sisters and friends. This manifesto is as peaceful as a coffee table conversation. We also have cookies. Nothing to be afraid of, feel free to join us. 


performed by: Aleksandra Dąbrowska, Katarzyna Kupiec, Zuzanna Marczak, Małgorzata Mastalska, Nikola Palej, Hania Podskarbi, Wiktoria Rembisz, Katerina Zavizhenets 

directed by: Bibianna Chimiak, Karolina Sabat, Piotr Starzyński
hiphop choreography: Eliza Hołubowska
light direction and technical care: Piotr Motas
duration: 40 minutes