2014-06-08 22:10:56

During the Bonds of Culture Festival there will be money collected for a project of the Polish Humanitarian Action named “The Burning City”.

“The Burning City” is a project initiated by people who want to help raise funds to aide help internally displaced persons in war-torn Syria. The war in Syria has last so long (and so far away from us), that it has long ceased to be present in our media. However it is for still explicitly present in fates of hundreds of thousands of people who – at this very moment – are losing everything they have and more and more often they have nowhere to escape.

This year marks the seventieth anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. We remember the time when the city was dying in front of the eyes of the world. For those who find it difficult to stay indifferent while facing Damascus burning, it is clear that the best celebration of the memory of those who were dying seventy years ago, is a concrete and real help to those who are dying now.

The conflict in Syria, lasting almost three years, is one of the largest humanitarian crises in the world. Over 2,500 thousand people fled abroad, 9 million have been forced to leave their homes and remain within their war-torn country. At least half of them are children. They are deprived of everything. The initiators of the action are associated with no organization; they are people who want to make us aware that we can help by supporting the Polish Humanitarian Action, which is active in Syria, though facing very difficult circumstances. PHA provides refugees with water, bread, and medical care, reaching more than seven thousand people near southern Idleb and northern Hama. The financial measures collected on her account (marked “The Burning City”), will help to purchase, equip and maintain a mobile clinic, helping three hundred patients per week. Deeds and help – instead of words and gestures. Bandages instead of candles. What do you think about it?


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Teatr Kana Szczecin