2020-08-24 21:59:25


1st SET:

September 22nd, since 12.oo, Wprawka/Apprenticeship, Szostak/Fibich, Niebuszewo district, installation 

September 23rd, 7.oo p.m., unus ex uno, Paweł Szamburski, music performance, 1/1/ Niemcewicza Str., passes only, online transmission

September 24th, 8.oo p.m. (in Poland) / 2.oo (Eastern Daylight Time in U.S.), Paulina, performance, Patrycja Dołowy & Michelle Levy, directed by Kathleen Amshoff, Kana Theatre, passes only, online transmission

September 25th, 8.oo p.m., Śpiewnik domowy kameralnie, Łona & Webber, 14 Słowackiego Str., passes only

September 26th, since 6.oo p.m., Tempvs Fvgit Corsican polyphonic chants, music performance, the tower of St. James Cathedral in Szczecin, passes only, online transmission (6.40 p.m.)

2nd SET: 

September 30th, 7.oo p.m., Femino 2.0, t.kanka group, theatre performance, pre-release presentation, Kana Theatre, passes only, online transmission 

October 1st, 3.3o and 5.oo p.m., Atlas of sounds/Forest, Ludomir Franczak, sonic performance, Beech Woods, passes only 

October 2nd and 3rd, since 2.oo p.m., Wyludniacz/Le Dépeupleur/The Lost Ones, Robert Mleczko, Adam Majiczek, based on prose by Samuel Beckett (translated by Antoni Libera), VR experience, Kana Theatre, passes only 

October 3rd, 7.oo p.m., Po prostu, Institute of Performative Arts (adapted and directed by Weronika Szczawińska), Trafostacja Sztuki, passes only, online transmission 

October 4th, 4.oo p.m., Dispersion everywhere! Exercise of solidary distance, LIGNA & 13 CHOREOGRAPHERS, Solidarności Square, passes only, online transmission 


Due to the current epidemiological situation in Poland, presence of direct participants in particular events has to be limited drastically. Free passes can be booked only via e-mail: - one person can book a maximum of two passes for a selected event (in the content of your e-mail please provide your name, surname, telephone number and specify the point of the program). As for further procedures, we will contact individually with the Spectators, by e-mail or telephone.

We are excited about the fact that we will be able to present some of the events for the first time on the Internet as live streaming, which means that it will be possible to meet with Spectators all over the world! We remember that safety is the priority. Let the new qualities become our new common experience of seeking the Encounter and being together.


The project „Bonds of Culture 2020” is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage within the program Theatre and Dance.

The project „Dispersion” is co-financed from the means of the Foundation of Polish-German Cooperation and Goethe-Institut.