Bonds of Culture 2020

2020-08-22 11:06:07

The festival has always been for us a witness of the time we are in, an attempt to recognize how we perceive, recognize, and hear the reality. It has been our dialogue both with city space and with un-obviousness of the modern world. It has been a community holiday, established all over again each time, an encounter of cultures, an act of accustoming with the otherness, an invitation to intimate and friendly relations. 

In the present time - in which we are all subjected to an extremely odd experience (a collective one, although we pass through it in forced isolation) - it is impossible not to address the situation that makes us redefine the sense of community, communication and care for the other person. It is impossible not to ask ourselves the questions that condition the change of thinking also about the formula of the event. 

Therefore, in this edition of the Bonds of Culture Festival – for the first time organized not during summer holidays but in the autumn – we want to share with our viewers the time of dispersal and slowness, the time of meeting, but keeping a physical distance. We try to define this distance and its consequences, to understand how it sets social relations anew, and how it describes our fragility and loneliness.

The festival program is split in two blocks to be carried out in two consecutive weeks: the first one will be a conversation with the past and history, the second one will be an attempt to diagnose scraps of the present. There will be one event per day (exploring various unobvious urban spaces), and each of them will become a subject/cause of a direct or indirect encounter between artists and their audience minding a conscious distance. Our invitation to express themselves artistically within the given time and space context was accepted, among others: Paweł Szamburski, Weronika Fibich and Natalia Szostak, Patrycja Dołowy and Michelle Levy with Kathleen Amshoff, Ludomir Franczak, Robert Mleczko and Adam Majiczek, Łona and Webber, the t.kanka group, the Institute of Performative Arts (Weronika Szczawińska), the LIGNA Collective, and the Corsican vocal ensemble Tempvs Fvgit.


Due to the current epidemiological situation in Poland, presence of direct participants in particular events has to be limited drastically. Free passes can be booked only via e-mail: - one person can book a maximum of two passes for a selected event (in the content of your e-mail please provide your name, surname, telephone number and specify the point of the program). As for further procedures, we will contact individually with the Spectators, by e-mail or telephone.

We are excited about the fact that we will be able to present some of the events for the first time on the Internet as live streaming, which means that it will be possible to meet with Spectators all over the world! We remember that safety is the priority. Let the new qualities become our new common experience of seeking the Encounter and being together.


The project „Bonds of Culture 2020” is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage within the program Theatre and Dance.

The project „Dispersion” is co-financed from the means of the Foundation of Polish-German Cooperation and Goethe-Institut.